Scott Drew: Perceived cheater, confirming suspicions

Mar 14, 2012; Albuquerque, NM, USA; Baylor Bears head coach Scott Drew at a news conference during practice for the second round of the 2012 NCAA men's basketball tournament at the Pit. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

We're at that point of the year where the little guy (blogger) is at the mercy of relying on content the big boys are able to publish while in trenches of the summer recruiting period.

In an on going series "Critical Coaches" by the men at, the latest installment turns to the ambiguous issue of cheating.

Through discussions with dozens of Division I men's basketball coaches, the .com quartet compiled a number of great quotes and basic data to come up with who is the biggest perceived cheater in college basketball.

John Calipari is of course at the top, but we're not going to touch on that tired story any longer.

What was most intriguing was the coach coming in second in this unofficial survey...Baylor's Scott Drew.

"I don't even have to blink when I say the answer," said one coach. "[Drew's] despised by a lot of people because he comes off holier than God. Meanwhile, everyone knows he's had to cheat big-time to get the program to where it's at. If it wasn't for the God stuff he wouldn't rub people the wrong way as much."

Is that indisputable proof that Drew is a cheater?

Absolutely not.

Heck the person who provided the anonymous quote could be a fellow Big 12 coach, one that's lost his footing in the conference hierarchy or even been beaten out by sound recruiting as of late by Drew and his coaching staff.

But boy does that nugget of info stick out, especially to those who have felt blindsided by the Baylor basketball program since the moment LaceDarius Dunn signed with the school back in 2007.

I've always been skeptical to the quick ascension of Baylor in terms of on-paper talent. You've probably been too if you have a clue.

To have been able to form a grocery line of McDonalds All-Americans and gutty JuCo transfers out of nowhere since 2007, and bring them to a school that's built on Christian values despite being located in a city best known for a 51-day siege that resulted in more than 80 deaths back in 1993 has to make you wonder.

Just how dooooo you do that?

Drew's front-facing personality also raises a red flag. He comes off as overly affable to the media. He seems gentle; someone who is too nice chew out Perry Jones III for being soft on the court or engage in shady recruiting tactics off the court. He comes from a family that has provided fantastic - and genuine - college basketball moments for everyone to revel in, and is young enough that he can be positioned as a change agent for a school on the rise.

But it might just be a farce based on the competitive landscape in the world of college basketball recruiting. Baylor has recently been investigated by the NCAA, and now face minor self-imposed punishments for making upwards of 1200 illegal phone calls to recruits, but even those penalties were hailed by college basketball writers as surmountable.

The article did add that no coach was able to identify or willing to divulge specific instances where Drew was cheating, but 34 percent of those surveyed think he's up to something based on the talent he's been able to bring in despite no individual track record as a head coach or long-standing basketball tradition at the school he's coaching for.

That's got to stand for something, and at the very least it means Drew has a long ways to go to earn the respect of his coaching brethren, and pull himself off the the hook for being a perceived cheater.

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