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UNC is Injury Prone

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Zeller does his Best "Sprite" Commercial

Boo hoo. UNC fans suffered their first pitfall on Tuesday night when Freshman forward Tyler Zeller went down with a fractured wrist after ATTEMPTING a dunk. Yes, I said attempting, because he didn’t make it. But should you really be worrying about a 7 foot tall kid that can’t finish a fast break dunk? Don’t kid yourself, the dunk looked contested but he was untouched. Go ahead say what you will, just a goofy freshman trying to make SportsCenter.

Zeller scored 18 points in their opener against Penn. Let’s be realistic. It was Penn and we’re talking about a "penciled-in" National Championship team. Zeller only finished with 2 points against Kentucky and his injury came with 1:26 left in the game.

With Zeller out, the Heels will be using Deon Thompson and fellow Freshman big man, Ed Davis, as their post presence while eagerly awaiting the return of…(cue the Harps and Hymnal-esc music)…PSYCHO T or Tyler Hansbrough in laymen’s terms.

UNC will be getting lei’d in Hawaii next week at the Maui Invitational. Possible intriguing match-ups await them in Alabama, Texas or Notre Dame. (Note: If UNC play’s Notre Dame, you get to listen to Dickie V run his jabber jaw about his over the top love for the Hansbrough family. Tyler’s little brother Ben, shoots the rock for the Irish).