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Let's all touch each other...XAVIER just won at the buzzer

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Note: Fast forward to the 6:30 mark

If a player hits a half court buzzer beater to advance to the finals of an early season tournament, but nearly nobody sees it, did it really happen?

Well thanks to things like, and ESPN Gamecast, we saw it and it is real.

Xavier got lucky after trailing the Hokies for the majority of regulation but fortunately forced overtime From there they missed a few FT's, which would of closed the game out and prevented them from relying on Dante Jackson's half court heave. Luckily they got God on their side and he happened to be watching this game, even though only a few thousand mortals saw it happen.

So it's on to Sunday night, with a match-up against Memphis--a game sure to test the Muskies mettle and potentially jump them up in to the top 15