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The Big Ten is athletically challenged (maybe)

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On Monday night the ESPN networks will begin showcasing their 10th Annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Yes, we think there's a small opportunity for a play on words here, to poke fun at the Big Ten's recent failures in college athletics (see Ohio State vs The SEC).

We still think its a great concept however---two BCS conferences, early season excitement, chance for some conference bragging rights---but the problem lies in the lack of true competition. The ACC has won this "challenge" every year for since its inception in 2000. Both Duke and BC are undefeated in the event, although it should be noted the Eagles are newbies to the conference, and ACC teams are 33-4 on their home courts. Expect more of the same for this latest installment tipping off tonight.

Our obligatory picks in RED


#22 Wisconsin @ Virginia Tech 7 PM Est. ESPN2


Ohio State @ #22 Miami 7 PM ESPN
Iowa @ Boston College 7:05 PM ESPNU
Clemson @ Illinois 7:30 PM ESPN2
Virginia @ Minnesota 8:30 PM ESPN2
#4 Duke @ #10 Purdue 9:00 PM ESPN


Indiana @ #17 Wake Forest 7:15 PM ESPN
Penn State @ Georgia Tech 7:30 PM ESPN2
Michigan @ Maryland 7:30 PM ESPNU
#1 North Carolina @ #6 Michigan State (At Ford Field in Detroit, MI) 9:15 PM ESPN
Florida State @ Northwestern 9:30 PM ESPN2 -- ***we're very impressed if you toggle between this and UNC-Mich St.