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UNC already crowned 2009 NCAA Champions, to play three NBA bottom feeders as part of exhibition

If we had any pull in Vegas (we don't), we would place tighter odds on many once thought impossible feats---like the Cubs winning the World Series, capitalism in China, and even the Earth spontaneously stopping from rotating on its axis---than the North Carolina Tar Heels failing to take down the nets in April.

Looking at their schedule, few roadblocks loom. Yes of course there's Duke, but we're not going to try and tout them like any sort of kryptonite...yet. .Better call up the 1976 Indiana Hoosier basketball team, it's only a matter of time before we start getting 'pursuit of perfection' talk.


In related news, the ACC wins the prestigious Commissioners Cup for the 10th consecutive year, 6 - 5. Yay, what a compelling three nights of basketball.

Oh and how much excitement was in Ford Field last night? LAYOFF CITY BABY!!! May want to rethink this place as the site of the Final Four, before it becomes the House Committee on Financial Services Field.


Also should note that Syracuse sidestepped an embarrassment, coming from behind in the second half to defeat Cornell. But hey, it wasn't on TV so like we say: "It's like it didn't even happen."