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Assigned reading: The fall of once-mighty St. Johns

Your Grandfather's old golfing buddy?  Nope it's actually a legendary college coach

Your grandfather's old bocce ball buddy? Nope it's actually a legendary college coach

We're all about reminiscing here are SFBE, so this article is right in our wheelhouse.

Despite being mediocre and predictable, Seth Davis is a decent columnist and his feature on what a bleak decade it's been for the Red Storm program is spot on.

Nobody can really put their finger on a single glaring issue causing the Catholic school in Queens to fall off the map, nor can they determine why countless area players who grew up honing their skills in NYC neighborhoods are lured away from the largest market in the country to play elsewhere (or Pittsburgh).

There's certainly things out of the athletic department's control -- lack of on-campus dormitories, lack of a true pipeline from the city's high school and AAU scene, and heck, lack of a prominent coach.

But there's still the history and people like Looie Carnesecca, although he's taken on more of a folk hero role now at the age of 83. We're guessing less and less high school seniors even know who he or even Chris Mullin are, let alone care about their accomplishments.