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OT: Fantasy Football is fun

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While this site is not intended to boast about our infrequent accomplishments, we think a little self-aggrandizing is OK when it involves winning your fantasy football league.

I (Nick) am pretty proud of my "Everything Bagel" boys. I had no business winning this league (note my week 17 lineup) nor did I even deserve to be in the playoffs. But rules are rules and I bent them as necessary.

There was adversity aplenty: Tom Brady and Braylon Edwards chosen in rounds one and two respectivly, the weathering of a Steven Jackson mid-season vacation, and the desperate decision to start Tashard Choice and Jamaaaaaaaaaal Charles in the finals.

Many thanks to the three-round playoff system, Philip Rivers, one point per reception and Jeff Fisher's goal line offense. Mild apoligies to my friend "Im a F----- Soljuh." Good luck lamenting your blown fantasy season and the underacheiving Cleveland Browns.

Please send me my check ASAP.