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ESPN runs another marathon, we'll just drink


They're at it again, an all-day extravaganza that is supposed to pique our interest, instead it only mildly intrigues us.

To ring in 2009, ESPN will have college basketball games from noon to midnight, which in most cases will simply serve as background filler while you're prepping for a night filled with wine stains on slacks and stories that start with "so I was blacked out and..."

Looking at the slate of games, we do like Wisconsin - Michigan. The Badgers, as we all know, like to take it slow while Michigan is offensive minded averaging 74 points a game, an anomaly in the grind-it-out Big 10.

Speaking of grinding, hopefully your doing it on the East Coast by the time UNC - Nevada tips off. But just in case you got no plans, tune-in for what should be another show by the undefeated Tar Heels. Nevada is a mediocre 7-5, and they're #211 in defensive 3-pt percentage (34.8 percent). This means that when Ty Lawson gets bored cutting up the Wolfpack D, he can just kick out, at will, to the plethora of Tar Heel shooters.

Happy 09, don't drink and drive.