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Searching For: Teddy Dupay

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Considering our blog title gives a shout out to a once promising Syracuse guard gone astray, we figured it would be a good idea to keep the nostalgic juices flowing from time to time and give you that "oh wow I remember him" feeling. We will be dishing out some write-ups on former players; ranging from the All-American type who didn't have the "NBA Body," to one-hit-wonders who played their best when it mattered most...March. Feel free to pass along your favorite forgotten college basketball players, as we compile a list of prospective guys to feature.


When Billy Donovan made his initial etch in college basketball lore, he was flanked by a group of young and colorful players that were assembled to fit the brand of basketball he wanted to play. Circa 2000, The Gators were by no means synonymous with March Madness, or were even perennial forces in the SEC. At that point in time it was all about The Swamp and the Church of Spurrier down in Gainesville. We guess it still is, but after back to back national titles, you gotta think the people down there at least mildly care about what happens on the hardwood.

teddydupay1Along side Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Donnell Harvey and Brett Nelson, Teddy Dupay was the sparkplug for the 2000 runner up Gator team. He was a Mr. Basketball in the Sunshine State, one of the most revered prep players ever in Florida, and layed the groundwork for Billy Ball--as the first recruit to sign under Donovan. Dupay seemed like a pretty decent guy, someone you could violently kill beers with, but was unassuming and well-mannered at the same time.

Sadly our perception can be blurred and far from reality, as Teddy Dupay isn't actually a good guy at all. Teddy Dupay, if found guilty in the coming months, will be forever labeled a bad guy, because Teddy Dupay was accused of second degree rape charges this past summer.

After falling to the Flint Boys of Michigan State, the Gators had essentially done their job of reinvigorating the basketball program in Gainesville. They appeared to just be happy to be there-- after dumping Duke and UNC en route to the finals-- and had that "wow I can't wait to see what they do next year," effect.

That return to the top didn't really happen, and after one more season, the downward spiral for Dupay was set into motion. Teddy Boy was dismissed from the team in the fall of 2001, amidst allegations he was dribbling with his right hand, while placing bets with his left. Dupay of course denies it all, but the State of Florida was convinced it was true as numerous former teammates testified against him.


After a few years of what probably every player we do a "Searching For" piece on--playing ball overseas--Dupay popped up in 2006 as a telemarketer in Utah, a career move his parents called a relief. Really? A relief? Interesting.

Anyway, this summer those rape charges came down on Dupay, filed by a woman he had a relationship with for the last two years. Pretty tough love if you ask us, as the woman suffered two fractured ribs according to investigators. There's no word on the next steps for Dupay, and if or when he will face sentencing.

Bottom line, it sounds like a Tim Tebow moderated intervention couldn't even appropriately re-wire this guy, and we will probably never hear from the once-revered-guard-gone-mad again.