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Bruce Pearl probably doesn't like Jodie Meeks

Oh where to begin in the show that Jodie Meeks put on last night in Knoxville. We tuned in at halftime to see that Kentucky's number 23 had already put up 26. Great stuff, despite Hubert Davis mistakenly commenting that the Wildcats were going to have to find offense from other players..."unless Jodie Meeks is gonna score 52 points." Davis added that he didn't see that happening and that Tennessee should prevail.

Hubert, if only you knew.

While Meeks could of probably put up 54 on just about any team last night, it just shows how undisciplined and fundamentally awful Tennessee is. We had a hunch this team was terribly overrated earlier this season, and we're starting to see that manifest itself here in mid-January. This team refuses to do simple things like play transition defense, pass (only 9 assists on 25 field goals against UK), or contain their opponents scoring threats (Meeks is the sixth player to record a career high against the Vols this season).

Kentucky now propels themselves to the top of the watered down SEC, and Meeks is now on a short list for national player of the year candidates.