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It doesn't have the same chilling effect like Verne Lundquist's "Northwestern [State] Wins" from the 2006 NCAA Tournament, but a ring nonetheless.

After 51 consecutive losses, and an official team web page that has run out of verbs to describe a valiant effort resulting in a losing effort (seriously you have to click on this), the New Jersey Institute of Technology has chalked up a win. The victim: Bryant University -- part of the Northeastern Conference, it's the Bulldogs first season as a DI school.

We had been monitoring this exemplary effort in futility all season. It seemed probable that Jim Engles' team, a team he inherited this summer, could go two full seasons without a single victory. Thankfully that won't happen, and for the few that follow the team (those on hand did rush the court) it's time to rejoice.

"A one game winning streak", writes the Newark Star Ledger's Steve Politi.

Yes, a one game winning streak. Bring on Longwood!