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Field Trip: NC State @ BC


1:34pm - Were up and running. Still don't know what the hell I am doing, or if there is any etiquette to abide by. I'll learn on the fly.

Checking scores of early games, Duke is DOIN! the Terps. What about that Jay Bilas promo where he says, "Maryland always gets up for Duke, they are not scared to play at Cameron"? Right. It's 71-31 as I type. Seven players could potentially get double-figures for the Blue Devils.

1:55pm - Tip off is soon, and it's still just under half capacity here. The student section just about empty. Saturday, NC State, not too surprising. I love my free Powerade though.


20:00 left - A moment of silence for NC State women's coach Kay Yow, who died this morning after a battle with breast cancer that spanned the last twenty years.

Conte just started to fill up a bit, and there's actually students here now -- probably just being fashionably late.

Didn't realize this but I just heard the radio guys in front of me talking about how BC's last home victory against an ACC opponent was NC State last season.

19:37 left - A two point put back by Corey Raji gives us our first basket. NC State is 0-4 when their opponent scores first. Let's all go home now.

18:50 - A back door cut by BC results in a Courtney Fells stuff on Cory Raji. Fells looks like he is the best pro prospect here even though his numbers don't suggest it (he's third on the Wolfpack in scoring). Wondering how closely he's being watched closely by the NBA scout sitting next to me.

17:58 - BC already has four.. wait five offensive rebounds. Just looking at both teams, NC State is bigger. NC State calls time-out. Im guessing Sidney Lowe just told them to rebound.

16:20 - A good defensive possession ends up in a 3pt make for NC State guard Farnold Degand. NC State up 7-4 at the first media timeout.

14:20 - Rakim Sanders hits a three. Tyrese Rice hasn't scored a point yet, and I really need to go to the bathroom.

13:40 - Another great defensive possession ends up in a bail out three point make for NC State. That's slightly demoralizing.

12:40 - Maybe Courtney Fells isn't that good. He just turned the ball over twice in two consecutive possessions.

12:20 - The NBA scout just moved a seat down. Do I smell?

11:53 - One thing I am surprised by so far: NO chatter on my end of the court. No trash talking, and nobody is even calling out screens or yelling for ball reversal. My high school coach would be irate.

11:23 - NC State has zero starters in the game right now. They look a little lost. Julius Hodge is not walking through that door.

10:00 - Just scanning the crowd, I can easily pick out four Matt Ryan jerseys.

8:56 - Degand checks back in for the Wolfpack, and Tyrese Rice promptly goes right at him for his first bucket of the game. Then says "I want seconds" and hits a three right in Degand's face. Can we just play 1-4 low for Rice the rest of the game? I would enjoy that.

7:47 - There's four males and seven females that make up today's BC cheerleading squad. That's a ratio I have never seen before.

While I can't make out the words, Jason Capel is really speaking with conviction as the Raycom analyst. I should go tell him that he never amounted to the success of his brother.

6:14 - Tyrese Rice just put went glass from behind the hoop. I know that's impossible, but I really think it just happened. He's owning Degand right now. BC up 28-19.

4:23 - This sequence of events just occurred: Rice's baseline three point shot just hit the top of the glass. He then committed a technical foul for reasons unknown. While Courtney Fells shot the two free throws, I overheard Rice tell a referee: "I am good enough not to shoot the ball off the top of the backboard," referring to that baseline shot a minute ago. He's right, the ref missed a shooting foul.

4:12 - Eagles Head Coach Al Skinner comes off as very stoic. There's quite a contrast in coaching styles between him and Sidney Lowe. Lowe chirps a lot in an attempt to will his team to execute whatever it is they have to execute. Skinner seems patient with his players and let's his assistant coaches be the crazy animated guys on the sideline.

1:40 - Tyrese Rice > Farnold Degand. Number 4 is having a field day with this guy.

:01 - Half ends on a put back by Joe Trapani. Fitting as to the amount of offensive rebounds BC got (15!!!). 42-27 is the score, and the Extreme Team is about to take over the court.

I am going to go make a delicious pulled pork sandwich.

Halftime - The accompanying house music the Extreme Team brought was too much for me to handle.

20:00 - While I was almost certain live blogging was prohibited at an NCAA event, nobody ever told me so until now. I am going to err on the side of caution and not post anything until the end of the game.

17:00 - The Wolfpack were crippled by foul trouble in the first half, as Ben Mcauley and Brandon Costner were only on the floor for 21 total minutes. This was a direct result in the 15 offensive rebounds BC snagged.

15:48 – TV time out. The BC dance team, just did a number to that Christina Aguilera song you hear on the Target commercials. I am not impressed.

14:53 – BC is folding. The lead is now three and Sidney Lowe is yelling at anything that moves hoping his words will magically tie the score.

12:56 – We’re almost mid-way through the second half, and I just heard my first screen called out. Congratulations, and thank you, Brandon Costner.

11:48 – Born and bred up here in Boston, Mike Jarvis isn’t doing so well this weekend. I never really understood him. He seems like a stand-up guy, and maybe he actually is, but it really went sour for him at St. Johns. Now he’s pouting down at Florida Atlantic of all places, pulling stunts and getting T'd up like crazy.

9:27 – We got a ball game. Both teams are actually putting together some nice possessions, and this crowd is starting to get into it.

8:58 – Ben McCauley almost dismantled Rakim Sanders face. If he didn’t attempt the hard-foul, however, the dunk would of shifted momentum and absolutely brought this house down. 56 – 49 Eagles.

7:26 – Brandon Costner, the Wolfpack’s leading scorer, seems very disinterested in this game. He’s struggling offensively and isn’t taking advantage of the smaller Corey Raji who is defending him on some possessions.

6:00 – Al Skinner really is a great example of the idea that when things are crazy, a good coach is most calm, but when things are calm, the coach goes crazy. Skinner remains stone-faced as the game is getting tight, while his coaches are kicking and screaming.

4:50 – Ben McCauley just fouled out and the entire student section just started quacking or something, then demanded McCauley sit down. Slightly entertaining.

3:55 – Leading all scorers with 25 points, Tyrese Rice is now driving and dishing. A coaches dream.

If the ACC allows three guards to make their first team all conference list, it’s hard not to like Lawson, Teague and Rice. All are deserving and equally important to their programs.

2:58 – Almost was the victim of a sideline save. NC State’s Tracy Smith nearly knocked me over. Sounds cool, until it actually happens and your nose is broken.

1:23 – NC State’s interior defense is non existent sans McCauley. They’re giving up uncontested layups in the halfcourt. It’s inexplicable how you let that happen.

:57- Corey Raji just closed this game out, with an emphatic dunk that is sending fans home happy. NC State got it close, but couldn't sustain a high level of energy for the last four minutes of the game.

End – Well that was fun. The last game I attended here was last season, as soon to be defending champs Kansas put on an absolute show while they're well-traveled fans chanted "Rock Challk Jayhawk."

Today, a much different result, as the Eagles protect their house. I am now going to go sit in on the post game press conference...and not ask questions.