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Andy Kennedy is under arrest, Obama calls for DEFCON 1

Today, the Cincinnati Police released their video from the now infamous December 18th night that Ole Miss, and former UC head coach, Andy Kennedy reveled in all the Queen City had to offer in preparation for his team's match-up against Rick Pi(a)tino's Louisville Cardinals. Kennedy got a little rambunctious, you remember, and allegedly slapped a cab driver who told the coach there was no room left in the taxi.

In the clip, Kennedy is heard telling the officer fortunate enough to arrive on the scene that because of his prestigious position as an SEC basketball coach, any formal paperwork documenting this altercation would turn it into an "international incident." Huh? So Saudi princes care about this? Starving children in Central Africa care about this? What about Canadians? I am not even convinced we even care about this.

Kennedy is still set to appear in court on April 20 on misdemeanor assault charges. Normally I'd follow that up with some sort of lame jest centered around marijuana, but we're grown ups who work now.