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USA Today releases preseason Coaches Poll


No Bill Self didn't announce that he will be wearing a manzier this season. I am just watching this outstanding Seinfeld episode as I type, waiting for Pedro to take the hill at Yankee Stadium.

On to a more relevant subject to tackle, USA Today has released their preseason Coaches Poll. What follows is a brief synopsis, knee-jerk reactions if you will, to the season's first Top 25.

  1. Kansas - Feels just like it should
  2. Michigan State - Feels just like it did last April
  3. Texas - Feels different way up here so early
  4. North Carolina - Received one first place vote, and Roy Williams isn't on the Board of Coaches
  5. Kentucky - Dick Vitale says UK should be ranked higher
  6. Villanova - We're still not sure if this team got better this season, despite its bevy of guards
  7. Purdue - Will be a disappointing year if they finish this low
  8. Duke - A generous 8 at that
  9. West Virginia - Maybe too high to call them a Final Four sleeper?
  10. Butler - Tops in the non-BCS world
  11. Tennessee - Comes on the heels of Josh Tabb leaving school yesterday
  12. California - Looking down at the only Pac 10 team that can challenge them
  13. Washington - Looking up at the only Pac 10 team that can challenge them
  14. Connecticut - Much more dangerous than people think
  15. Michigan - Suck on that Rich Rod!
  16. Oklahoma - Highest ranked team from the Sooner state...for now
  17. Ohio State - We love Evan Turner this season
  18. Minnesota - Doesn't mitigate the loss of Gopher Wide Receiver Eric Decker
  19. Mississippi State - An enigmatic enigma
  20. Georgia Tech - This team is "long," I presume Jay Bilas loves them
  21. Georgetown - Not a lot of chatter about the Hoyas to date
  22. Dayton - Flyer fans are likely elated about this
  23. Louisville - Wait, everyone knows about that game against (D2) Georgetown right?
  24. Clemson - Licensed to fail
  25. Syracuse - In other news, I just bought the rights to

"I lived with him for 40 years, I never saw him trying on my underwear. As soon as he leaves the house...he's J. Edgar Hoover!"