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Digging the new duds?


There is an old saying, "if you look good, you’ll play better."  Some teams have thrown caution into the wind and scoffed at the previous remark.  As the floors are being waxed and dusted in anticipation of Tip Off 2009, Paul Lukas of ESPN's "Page 2" takes a look at some of the new threads that will be flaunted on the hardwood this year, retros to alternates.

SFBE is praying for the day that when teams bring back the "retro-look," but not a half hearted attempt.  We want to see the look on Hot-lanta’s face when G-Tech puts Gani Lawal and crew in John Stockton-esque short-shorts.  Come on, think about it; Each team has to don exact replica jerseys circa 1960 for one game.

Other notable changes:

  • UNC celebrate’s their 100th anniversary with special red trimmed jersey’s for a few undisclosed games.  Dean Smith’s court takes on a year long beauty mark that commemorates the centennial celebration.
  • D Wade makes the switch from Converse to Nike, alma mater follows suit.
  • The Black Pearls of Tennessee will show up at some point after Bruce Pearl showed interest following UT’s football uni unveiling.
  • A hardwoods got some reconstructive surgery over the off season.  We’re taking a liking to Notre Dame’s parquet and shamrock.