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Things we missed in the second week of November


  • Northwestern's hope for a berth in the NCAA Tournament could be over before the city of Chicago could jump on the bandwagon. Kevin Coble injured his left foot this week, and the latest prognosis could mean surgery, which would force him to miss the entire season and take a medical redshirt. 
  • Seton Hall's Keon Lawrence has been suspended indefinitely after being involved in a two-car crash on Monday along the Garden State Parkway. Lawrence, who was set to debut for the Pirates after transferring from Missouri, has been charged with a DWI and driving with a suspended license. Bobby Gonzales seems to be backing the kid though, as Lawrence appeared on the bench during his team's buzzer-beating win over Saint Peter's on Friday.
  • Tim Hardaway is a proud papa. His son, his junior, has committed to play for Meeeeeeechigan next season. Hardaway Jr. is the 45th ranked shooting guard, according to No word if he has a dribble move more impressive than the UTEP-2-Step...or is homophobic.
  • The AP isn't really a source for thought-provoking, feature pieces, but there's a nice piece on the city of Dayton and it's basketball team, which is going to serve as a haven for a community that sits squarely in the rust belt. Perhaps Brian Gregory could give a call to Tom Izzo for a lesson in community relations. 
  • Dem Jordan Boys are always stirring up trouble! First it was Marcus, now Jeffrey will miss the team's first two games of the regular season. Jeffrey played in an unsanctioned event, a 3-on-3 tournament of all things, leaving Bruce Weber to wonder what the hell the big deal is. He's right, the NCAA is really just a group of no fun all-stars.
  • Boston College's (in order of importance) Rakim Sanders, Cori Raji and Cortney Dunn have all been suspended for undisclosed reasons . They will miss the team's first two games. SBNation's Andrew Sharp can't confirm what excatly for but, heck, says it might be for smokin some spliffs.