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Searching for: Kevin Bookout


Considering our blog title gives a shout out to a once promising Syracuse guard gone astray, we figured it would be a good idea to keep the nostalgic juices flowing from time to time and give you that "oh wow I remember him" feeling. We will be dishing out some write-ups on former players; ranging from the All-American type who didn't have the "NBA Body," to one-hit-wonders who played their best when it mattered most...March. Feel free to pass along your favorite forgotten college basketball players, as we get back into the season and compile a list of prospective guys to feature.


Despite being the shepherd for supreme athletes and seasoned basketball players, college coaches will still grill their troops on the fundamentals early in the season.  When it comes time to teach the rudimentary ideas of rebounding and posting up, look no further than Oklahoma’s Kevin Bookout game tapes as a Sooner, which serve as a model of consistency and excellence in simply doing every damn thing correctly. 

Kevin Bookout was a true corn-bread fed, homebody who was tagged to be a Sooner walking out of the womb.  The elder Bookout brothers were Sooner athlete standouts; Casey holds the OU career home run record and Kyle competed on the OU track and field team in the events of discuss and shot-put.  Kyle was not the only shot putter in the family, our spotlight athlete Mr. Kevin Bookout can push the stone too.  Kevin won the state title in shot put and discus all four years in high school.  Oh and he can also challenge brother Casey to a home run derby after setting a high school career record in the long ball department.

Once attending Oklahoma he became one of the program’s very rare four-year starters.  Bookout amassed 1,018 points and 682 rebounds during his tenure in the paint for the Sooners.  He never really grabbed any awards during his four year run with the Sooners, accept for Valedictorian and that 4.0 GPA, but he did rewrite the book on "How to Play the Secondary Big Man and Provide Weak Side Defensive Help," if there is such a leather-bound out there.  His ability to establish post presence and clean the boards with box out abilities that allow the ball to hit the floor before being collected were impeccable and outstanding, so much so that the D-League wanted his services.  During the 2007-2008 season, Bookout started eight games for the Rio Grande Vipers and put up a reassessment of talent causing internal conversation of 4.6 points per game and 5.6 rebounds.

Kevin has since taken a step back in his basketball maturation and decided that he is going to get back to throwing heavy real far.  Kevin will now be looking to return to the glory of out muscling other massive men in the most historical and barbaric competitions of all time, the 2012 Olympics.  Bookout is hard at work (check out all five!) in the World Throws Center ( in Phoenix, Arizona hoping to bring home the gold for Our Lady of Liberty. 

We wish our All-American boy from the Midwest the best of luck, but with that kind of music for a workout video, how can he not be the favorite?