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John Wall is Blue Jesus

Had it been Eric Bledsoe knocking down a three point prayer, or DeMarcus Cousins finishing on a put back, we'd probably be agonizing over that 18-point  Wildcat deficit in the first half. And even though it actually resulted in a win, we'd probably still harp on the fact that Kentucky always has a glaring early season blunder that gives us all a good belly laugh the next morning.

But when it's John Wall -  The Savior, The Hyper-Hyped, Cal's Kid - you laud and praise the young's man ability to go coast-to-coast and casually hit a 12-foot jumper that proves every bit of his worth, and forget about whatever the hell happened for the first 39 minutes and 57 seconds of the game.

Kentucky wins, Miami of Ohio loses, and the Bluegrass state rejoices.

Oh poor Charlie Coles. The long-time Redhawk coach simple response in the press game post conference was "He hit a shot," according to The Louisville Courier Journal's Rick Bozich via twitter.

Yeah, a shot. A shot that confirmed to us all that you can't overstate enough how legit and cold-blodded this kid is, and that he won't be playing this game for food stipends much longer.