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Tonight's Lines


Are we in midseason form already? Not even close.  Sloppy play and teams "finding themselves" has been the staple of the first week in college basketball.  Well consider all of those games rubbish compared to the slate of games tonight.  It's like all week you ate Taco Bell (while always delicious) and Mickey D's and tonight you'll be served steak and potatoes.  We're not saying that the games tonight and this afternoon won't be littered with turnovers but at least the talent pool of all 10 players on the court should be at the highest level of the season thus far.

True degenerate breakfast bonus game:

  • #21 Dayton (+1.5) vs. #19 Georgia Tech, 11:30 am Puerto Rico Tip Off Classic

One time relevant mid-majors still trying to compete:

  • George Mason vs. #6 Villanova (-14.5), 2 pm ESPNU.  Villanova is flat out good.  They can beat you inside or outside, up tempo or in the half court set.

  • South Florida vs. Davidson (-1), 7 pm Charleston Classic.  Davidson sans Curry means back to reality.  The fact that they are even favored, albeit by a slim margin, means they are still riding the coat tails of their former star.

2k Sports Coaches vs. Cancer Classic @ Madison Square Garden:

  • #24 Syracuse vs. #12 California (Pick 'em) 7pm ESPN2.  Madison Square Garden is Syracuse's home away from home.  They should have named the Garden's court after Jimmy B since he rarely plays away from the Dome until march, and if he does, it's in "Lebron's MECCA of basketball."

  • #4 North Carolina (-2) vs. #15 Ohio State, 9 pm ESPN2.  Once again UNC reloads.  UNC has put up at least 88 points in all three games this year.  Will the Buckeye's even get up enough attempts to match that score?  Evan Turner (19ppg, 17 rpg) and David Lighty will have to play out of their minds, but Deon Thompson and Ed Davis should be too much down low.