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Syracuse proves formidable, Ohio State really does not

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Finally, a night of basketball that featured ranked teams squaring off against one another. Sure Tuesday's primetime games were primo, but there's always a lure towards early-season games with teams that all have the superscript number up on the marquee. Plus, when the setting is Madison Square Garden, "THE MECCA!," it is nothing short of appointment television. All while flipping back between The Office and Always Sunny, of course.

If the Pac-10 was planning on getting any attention this season, they better have a damn good marketing strategy going forward. Syracuse exhibited complete dominance over Cal, in a game that lets us know the conference may soon become obsolete for the season. Aren't the Golden Bears one of the country's top three point shooting teams? They were 6-20 tonight...against a 2-3 zone, with five of those makes courtesy of Jerome Randle. It seems fair to infer that staying up late for those Thursday night Fox Sports games will likely not be worth the lost sleep. Here's to hoping Washington proves to be a tad more valiant. The game was also a nice-to-see-you-again for Scoop Jardine, who poured in a career high 22.

If you didn't already hate North Carolina, the way they coasted (yes they coasted) to tonight's four point win just added another notch to the belt of what is arguably the premier program in the country. The difference for the boys in baby blue? They can score at will. Ohio State had to work twice has hard to get their 73 points. Sure they made it close at the end, but it was to be expected. Evan Turner, everyone's favorite combo guard, put up 23 and 10... turnovers. Erratic play like that will not bode well going forward.