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Things we missed during the third week of November


  • According to AOL Fanhouse, who has pulled out their magnifying glass and become quite investigative, alleges that South Florida's basketball team has violated NCAA rules for providing transportation to an unnamed player, among other infractions. In other news, Duke forward Kyle Singler bought a Snickers bar at an off-campus gas station. The $.87 used in the transaction could have come from someone who mows Coach K's lawn. 
  • Just a month after spurning a formal induction to Indiana University's athletic Hall of Fame, Bob Knight is scheduled to speak at a Indiana (state, not the school) Basketball Hall of Fame fundraiser. The institution is the only statewide high school basketball hall of fame in the nation. Knight's speaking part at the December 17th event in Indy is sure to pack the house.
  • UCLA's Nikola Dragovic has been arrested on felony assault charges, stemming from an incident last month. Dragovic was out at a concert in Hollywood, you know just being fabulous, and ended up getting into a scuffle. These charges, coupled with a November 7th arrest for allegedly pushing his then girlfriend onto the ground, means that forward James Keefe is faced with a role he has never had to assume in offensive go-to guy.
  • Memphis is refusing to release the NCAA's response from their submitted appeal over that near banner 2007-2008 season, which was erased from the books this summer.  The refusal is at the stern request from the NCAA, who is prohibiting the Tigers athletic department from telling the media what exactly the response was. The AP has requested the document under the Tennessee Open Records Act.