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Assigned Reading: Jeremy Tyler's Rocky Overseas Trip


The New York Times's Pete Thamel has a great piece today on Jeremy Tyler who, in short, isn't doing very well.

Tyler has been playing abroad in Israel for three months now, after he de-committed from Louisville and skipped out on his senior season at San Diego High. Yeah, we thought the prom was pretty lame too.

The big man is quite homesick. So much so that even his girlfriend who followed him there, the daughter of late rapper Eazy-E, is sometimes left to wipe his tears away after a bad day at the gym.

It sounds sad, but I don't feel bad for Tyler. When it was initially reported he was doing the unthinkable by deciding to play overseas despite not even being old enough to buy a pack of Marlboro Reds, it was done with a dose of arrogance. Unfortunately that ego seems to still be part of his make up despite being humbled from his new environment, according to Thamel.

Tyler complained that Haifa had failed to fulfill promises. He said that the driver the team provided did not want to take him anywhere and that the apartment he was given was dim and sparse, with a hallway light that hung by a wire from the ceiling.

Yes, current Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings appears to be assimilating himself nicely to the NBA game, so maybe Tyler will ultimately benefit from this experience in a way that no big time college program could offer. But as of now he just looks like a whiner and a whimp, and NBA scouts are likely taking note.