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Is the Pac10 a one-bid league?

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That was probably the talk in and around the Honda Center yesterday following the John Wooden Classic, as both Washington and UCLA put on unimpressive performances in losses to Georgetown and Mississippi State, respectively. 

The Hoyas came out in the second half realizing they were taller, bigger and better then the soft Huskies, and subsequently went on a 19-0 run over an eight minute span, winning 74-66. The key? Pound the ball inside and keep it away from Isaiah Thomas' hands. 

UCLA confirmed that they aren't even worthy of being bashed, they just stink. Mississippi St. was laughing by the second half, scoring at will from all parts of the court en route to a 72-54 victory. This all coming in-front of the man who turned the Bruins into one of the most glorious programs in all of college basketball. How embarrassing. 

Meanwhile, since you probably weren't paying attention, Arizona showed no fight in a loss to San Diego State, Nebraska snuck by an Oregon State team hoping for a bailout from the prez, and St. Mary's comfortably held off Oregon in "The Pit." 

And, after receiving a bevy of pre-season attention, Cal has gone quietly into the night, currently sitting at 6-3 with their best win coming at home over Iowa State. 

The bottom line: not one team in the Pac 10 makes the rest of the country nervous.  ConferenceRPI ranks them ninth overall after last night's slate of games, sitting comfortably behind the Atlantic 10, Mountain West, and Conference USA. With the regular season just a few weeks away, that's the window of opportunity to secure a "big win" you hear shutting.

More frightening numbers and statistics that better quantify the conference's lackluster play has been noted by SBNation's Chris Dobberdean.

At least Klay Thompson is still fun to watch.