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Finals Week is fun!


Ah finals week. It's one of the few times the working man can call his son and yell "Sucks to be you!" into the telephone. The vicious cycle of sleep, test, eat, study, sleep is certainly grueling, but it's followed by a nice trip home that's full of debauchery with high school friends. Your mom just wants you to leave, your dad just wants his case of PBR back. It's a wonderful time. 

Finals week is also the time where all students must face the music. This includes the college basketball player who should not consider himself exempt from penalties as a result of a crappy academic semester. Finals week can mean significant trouble for a basketball team. We remember the 2005-2006 Maryland squad, when leading scorer Chris McCray became academically ineligible after the fall semester, spoiling the rest of the Terrapins season. Last year UAB had to boot four players who weren't cutting it, depleting their roster.

So with finals week in full-swing across the country, here's to hoping your favorite player passed his tests...or at least hoping someone took them for him.