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Tar Heels are still Spartans daddy

In a game where just about nothing bounced in Michigan State's favor, the Spartans somehow managed to scrap together a seven point loss, but look downright silly in the process. They were eager to run, but played right in to Carolina's hands in a game that featured a whopping 136 combined shots from the floor, and more possessions than Rasheed Wallace's misdemeanors for marijuana.

The final 89-82 result was a slap-in-the-face to Tom Izzo, as Roy Williams showed he can feature a rotation of freshman and guys who were nothing more than role players a season ago, and still shepard a premier team.

Despite committing five turnovers, Deon Thompson still looks like he will be one of the most reliable and steady players in the ACC, and is far less annoying than that Tyler Hansbrough character.

The Heels are only going to get better. Despite being the younger squad, they still own Sparty and once again showed just how capable they are at scoring really fast, closing out the first half with a 29-13 run that all but clinched victory.