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Clemson is such a weird basketball program

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While it wasn't quite appropriate given the 23-point deficit, a point was made. With a few minutes remaining, ESPN briefly flashed a "Greatest Comebacks in NCAA History" graphic as Illinois had impressively cut Clemson's lead to single-digits, shifting the game's momentum. While I am too lazy to confirm, I believe the graphic noted a game from the 50s where a team blew a 31 point lead. Nonetheless, while Illinois's 76-74 win was eight points short of making history, the mere fact that a remote TV producer was calling for that stat is telling to the sort of chokejob we were able to witness.

The Tigers are such an enigma. Tonight's loss comes on the heels of a one-point victory over Butler, but is just one week removed from a loss to Texas A&M. Trevor Booker is one of the toughest players to guard in the country, but yet his teammates repeatedly look him off in the post but shoot 37 percent from the field.

For the Illini, it was the first true road game for this young team, who has an emerging star in Brandon Paul, supplementary blue chipper DJ Richardson, and a dose of leadership from Mike Davis and Mike Tisdale (who despite being a great piece for this team, we can't overlook the fact he is quite unfortunate looking).

Who knows how the Tigers will bounce back. But I do know that Oliver Purnell is sitting in an unenviable position tonight as he reluctantly watches game tape while the rest of the country sleeps.