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Cuse, WESGODDAMNJOHNSON still perfect

In a night where John Wall broke the UK record for assists in a game and Marquette took West Virginia down to the wire in Morgantown, the most enjoyable game of the night was broadcast via a grainy digital video feed on ESPN 360, as Syracuse rallied from 12 points to top Seton Hall in North Jersey.

Big East play is here, so all is right in the world.

Can Wesley Johnson's draft stock rise any higher? The Orange guard  went for 20 and 19, yes 19 rebounds, in 40 minutes of play, which sparked a bevy of tweets that read nothing more than "WESGODDAMNJOHNSON." I say it becomes a trending topic by the time Rivalry Week rolls around.

For Seton Hall, they showed flashes of brilliance but ultimately couldn't close out a more talented team. Midway through the second half, Jim Boeheim likely threatened Mike Leach-like tactics if his kids couldn't put it together, leading to a subsequent 15-0 run that the Pirates were no match for.  Jeremy Hazell, this year's version of Jodie Meeks, scored 38 points with many coming in bunches. He shoots a lot, but might be one of the most difficult players to scout given his size, penchant for the hoop and fluctuating offensive efficiency from game-to-game.