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Your obligatory early season All-Americans

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  • John Wall, Kentucky- He's already won a game as time expired, broken UK's single game record for assists, forced me to start calling him Blue Jesus, and been the driving force behind the Wildcats ascension into the national championship picture. Wall is as advertised and eye-catching, and actually a pretty good player on paper. He's second in the country in assists-per-game (7.5) and snatches 2.3 steals a contest.
  • Wesley Johnson, Syracuse - A transfer from Iowa State, Johnson was considered nothing more than a nice addition for Jim Boeheim before this season tipped off. Now he's part of every player of the year discussion, leading the Orange attack with 17 points-per-game and a 51 percent three-point shooting percentage. What's most impressive? He also leads the 'Cuse in rebounding even though his game extends beyond the three point line. This sort of versatility suggests the school may ask him to run the spread option next fall.
  • Klay Thompson, Washington State - Meanwhile, as every single Duke, North Carolina and Kansas game is broadcast to the country, the sharpshooting Thompson is lighting up the Pacific Northwest in cold blooded fashion. In 12 games this season, Thompson has scored 20 or more 10 times, highlighted by a 43 point performance against San Diego, in which Klay knocked down eight threes. Accounting for 31 percent of his team's offensive output, a healthy Klay Thompson means a sane and happy Cougar fan base. Here's to hoping he's part of March Madness.
  • Luke Harangody, Notre Dame - I've already touched on this, but we're not paying enough attention to Harangody. With a lackluster Irish team playing a lackluster non-conference schedule, much of the country has been unable to watch the lovable Luke continue his role as Mr. Everything for his team. In 12 games he's accumulated half of the 738 points needed this season to pass Austin Carr as the program's all-time leader. Also, if he pulls down 241 more boards this year, he will be the school's most prolific rebounder as well. There may be more visible players in the college game right now, but none of them are more productive than Gody.
  • Damion James, Texas - Thanks to Rick Barnes recent run in recruiting, Texas has turned into one of those wait-your-turn schools. In each of the previous three seasons, Kevin Durant, D.J Augustin and A.J. Abrams have led the Longhorns in scoring. This year, it's James being asked to shoulder the load. One of the top seniors in the game, he's improved his numbers each year since he was a freshman. If the Longhorns cut down the nets, best believe James will be your Final Four MVP.

In the rotation:

  • Jon Scheyer, Duke - Scheyer has modified his game and is handling the ball better than anyone could have asked for. He leads the country with a 5.9 assist-to-turnover ratio.
  • Da'sean Butler, West Virginia - Perhaps I am being nearsighted with his game winning shot over Marquette fresh in my mind, but Butler is the best player on the second best team in the Big East. He's shot above 60 percent from the field in four games this season.
  • Sherron Collins, Kansas - It's hard to leave a Jayhawk off this list. The heart and soul of his team, Collins has comparable numbers to last season despite getting five additional minutes of rest per game.