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Everyone jump on the UCONN stinks wagon!

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Perusing the twitter-sphere, there are numerous stories popping up to argue that the prestigious Connecticut Huskies may need to be relegated to mediocre status until further notice.

Over the course of just a few hours, Internet writers are uniting to all but bury the Huskies. Basketball Prospectus's John Gasaway points out that Jerome Dyson is essentialy a ball hog, and probably not a true first option. Meanwhile,'s Jeff Goodman reminds us that this team lacks a true signature win heading into Big East play, and's Eamonn Brennan notes that the team's offensive efficiency is down.

It's hard to argue any of the points these three gentlemen make.

After last night's ugly loss to Cincinnati, it's clear this team lacks a true go-to guy and seems to trip over own feet while running their offensive sets. The easiest baskets the Huskies got were in transition, and Kemba Walker still hasn't shaken his awful habit of driving down the court at 217 mph with his head down.

Calhoun can't condescendingly howl at us to get some facts this time. UCONN may indeed be in for a rough couple of months.