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Wall, UK wins; mancrush building


For months, dorks like myself that fixate themselves on everything college basketball year round have been aware of John Wall and salivating over these types of nationally televised match-ups that warrant a slow chrun through the hype-machine.

We got that today as part of the undercard for the SEC Championship game (well done CBS Sports), and sit here feeling fulfilled. And following a bit of bulletin board material, Wall and the Wildcats prevail with a 68-66 victory.

Really, from what I have seen so far from this kid exceeds what I envisioned back in the summer.

After jumping out to a 9-2 lead,  the Tar Heels gave up 16 unanswered points. They were only able to get back in to the contest when Wall cramped up to start the second half. Essentially, they are the inferior.

If I am Roy Williams right now I wonder what to do with my backcourt. Both Larry Drew II and Marcus Ginyard seem capable and reliable starters, but as the game progresses the options are limited. Dexter Strickland, yes he's young, but does not look ready to contribute on a consistent basis. Justin Watts? He's barely part of the rotation.

In addition to Blue Jesus, Patrick Patterson is turning into more of a Lexington savior than Calipari and his freshman class. The junior is the team's most consistent player, and helping to mitigate Demarcus Cousins growing pains, which were evident today.