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All-Everything Evan Turner out for eight weeks

It's likely to get buried as a news story, but Ohio State lost Evan Turner today and it should not be overlooked.

Turner is reportedly going to be out for eight weeks, after breaking two bones in his back early on in today's game against Eastern Michigan. This hurts, literally and figuratively.

How does Thad Matta cope? Well he can start by shedding tears while sitting in a dark office tucked away in the bowels of Value City Arena, crunch some numbers and hope David Lighty and William Buford can cover at least half of the 20 and 12 Turner is logging this season, encourage Jon Diebler to work on creating his own shot rather then rely on the drive and kicks,  then continue to shed tears while sitting in that same dark office.

For fans, this is an epic bummer. Turner is one of the great scorers in college basketball this season, and a hell of a lot cooler than Terrell Pryor trying to manage that 60s style Buckeye offense.

The Big 10 just got a lot less competitive.