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Things we missed during the first week of December

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  • We neglected to make a note of it but, as you probably already know, the Big 10 won their first challenge against the ACC. The game that shifted the balance? Wisconsin's win over Duke. The Badgers were the underdog going in, but Bo Ryan (who clearly was perplexed by Vegas's line) proved once again that you shouldn't bet against his kids in the Kohl Center.  They currently sit 6-1 with wins over Maryland and Arizona, in addition to the Dookies.
  • Tom Crean used the media to reprimand the Indiana University student body, after fans repeatedly directed chants of "PUSSY" at Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez during Tuesday's game. Apparently Crean is looking to get under the skin of future opponents, just not using this degree of vulgarity. Good luck.
  • UCLA is well on their way to having a, by their standards, terrible season. To further worsen the situation Bruins sophomore, and starting center, Drew Gordon is leaving the team. Gordon reportedly didn't get along with Ben Howland and some of his former teammates. AOL Fanhouse has the "get" here with an on-campus interview with Gordon.
  • Fordham fired head coach Dereck Whittenburg, ironically during ESPN's "Jimmy V Week." That hurts. Whittenburg finished 69-112 in six seasons and change.