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'Cuse needs some

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We're not big on predictions and previews, but Wednesday's double dip between Syracuse - UCONN, followed by UNC - Duke is worthy of some uneducated commentary on what we foresee happening.

For the Orange, they're currently spiraling out of control after convincing us they were properly equipped to be an elite Big East club.  They've lost four of their last five, highlighted by a drubbing on Saturday to Villanova where they gave up 102 points.  At halftime of tonight's Marquette - Nova game, Jay Williams stuttered his way to calling the 'Cuse a Final Four caliber team.  He might be right, but Boeheim better get his boys in now before they end up as a 12 seed.

The match-up we're all looking forward here is obviously Johnny Flynn - AJ Price. Flynn is the most important player on the Orange roster and has proven, at least to us, he's got NBA potential.  But when you look at the numbers, he's become less and less efficient from the floor as the season wears on...


For Flynn, his successes come after breaking down the first layer of defense, driving and dishing or slashing for lay-ups.  He's second in the conference in assists at just under six a game.  He'll probably need more than six for the Orange to win.

Conversely, AJ Price seems to be getting more impressive each game.  The former laptop-stealer doesn't carry as heavy a burden Flynn, as the Huskies are loaded with guards. Price also can throw the ball up to the trees and usually Hasheem Thabeet will catch and finish.  Life, not just basketball, is easier when you have a friend who is 7'3".

So Syracuse needs this game, badly, but they wont get it.  UCONN is at home, have won 11 in a row, and are the better team (Oh, you thought they were #1 for no reason?).  We will watch though and pretend we don't know the ending.