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Duke wants some

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Google's image service is a fantastic way to chronicle the follies of UNC stud Tyler Hansbrough.  I could elaborate on these wonderful links and hilarious pictures, that you have probably already seen, but that would take away from tomorrow's game, which is pleading to be a classic.

In the latest installment of royal blue vs baby blue, the Blue Devils host a Tar Heels team somewhat lost in the muck of college basketball, despite being pre-season favorites.  In Hansbrough's illustrious obnoxious four year career in Chapel Hill, he's never lost at Cameron Indoor and averaged 20 points in those three wins.  Admittedly, that's impressive.

As I type, Coach K and his minions are probably in the lab scratching their heads on how to combat the interior strengths UNC has.  With the exception of Kyle Singler, there's no guys that can match the versatility of a Danny Green, Ed Davis or even a Deon Thompson.  Green has established himself as a Dukie killer, and there's really nobody who can guard him, not even Greg Paulus.

It's interesting that Duke, who's offense is lauded as a system that works because of it's spacing, is only seventh in the conference in 3pt percentage, and fifth in FG percentage.  If they're going to win, shooting over 50 percent might not be a bad way to do it.

Today,'s Jacob Osterhout says this game rarely lives up to the hype however, but maybe there's just too much of it.  But we've been sucked into this game turned event for roughly 17 years now, we can't not watch.

Here's to something cool happening...