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A Whole New World

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It's the thick of the conference schedule, we're starting to talk bubble teams, and Mike Patrick just had his annual mid-season stroke.  What a great time to take a week off and make the switch to a snazzy new platform! If you don't know us, welcome to Searching for Billy Edelin, an exploration in college basketball.  We do our best to sift through the entire interscholastic roundball landscape, and provide commentary that is at the very best, mildly entertaining.  

Moving over from Wordpress, the blog started as a piece of of online canvas that allowed us to rant, nit-pick, and trade jabs regarding the most wonderful thing in sports.  While our audience was not too far-reaching, SBNation found us, again, mildly entertaining and here we are.  It's a step in the right direction as we gain traction for our ultimate goal of controlling the tournament selection process, and Western Siberia concurrently.

We're heading into the most wonderful time of the year for hoopheads.  A time that calls for ditching class, skipping work, ignoring your girlfriend, and praying for a nice payout on that five-team parlay. So jump on board and help us out as we embark towards March, and pray for Tyler Hansbrough to leave college without a National Championship.