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Diamond in the rough, no sarcasm

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In a recent battle of the sexy sideline ladies, the heavylightweight contender emerged as victor.  It is no surprise that Erin Andrews was just named the recipient of the prestigious Playboy Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year Award.  We would drink her bathwater if she were our Valentine.

It may sound ironic to call Erin Andrews a "diamond in the rough," because she stands out in stadiums filled with thousands of drunk, sweaty, smelly college kids. But if you knew of where she calls her birthplace, you may agree with us.  EA was brought into this world via the city of LA.  Cities of the Androscoggin...Lewiston-Auburn!!! Growing up 30 miles south of the armpit of Maine, we can tell you that this was never a destination of choice.  If you went to Lewiston, you were summoned there.  She truly did emerge as a diamond in the rough, emphasize ROUGH. 

Congratulations Erin, you're hot, but we may not drink your bathwater after all. 

We bought the copyright for the Erin Andrews FatHead.