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The Missouri Tigers demand attention!


Clever, but they don't need help this year


We've been monitoring this Big 12 team for a few weeks now, after impressive wins over Texas and Kansas, but haven't even mentioned them once since we started this gig.  But dammit all-- after seeing them jump to #10 in the coaches poll, we must shed some light on club to show just how legit they are.

Right now, sitting at 22-4 overall and 9-2 in the conference, the Tigers are positioned as a team worthy of a tourney seed somewhere in the three - five range.  With losses to Xavier, Illinois, Nebraska, and Kansas State they only have to be ashamed by the 16 point drubbing in Manhattan. The early January loss to the Cornhuskers was successfully mitigated in impressive fashion over the weekend, improving their RPI to 14.

Looking at their personnel, the Tigers are balanced second year coach Mike Anderson keeps 'em fresh from start to finish.  No player sees more than 27 minutes per game, and nine log more than 10 per game.  The bulk of the scoring comes in the front court, as Demarre Carroll and Leo Lyons to provide a large slice of the 82.8 points per game (good for fifth in the entire country). But they don't just run and gun hoping to out pace their opponents, they're second in the Big 12 in scoring defense giving up 65.5 a game.

We hear more and more now how the selection committee emphasizes how a team finishes, and rightfully so.  Clearly, the Tigers are peaking at the right time, and if they can take care of business the rest of the way -- and try to get a second win against Kansas, or even shock the Sooners when they visit Columbia on March 4th-- the Tigers will certainly be maintaining their label as one of the hottest teams entering the tournament, and you can't hate on that.