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Different coaches, different mentalities, different result


Thursday was a night where coaching tactics seemed to prove the difference.  Duke and Xavier have both been slipping as of late.  So what would be the strategery Coach K and Sean Miller would use to motivate their lemmings....

  • "Krzyzewskiville" is a small village of Cameron Crazies, created to honor their long time coach and all his successes.  This type of homage should be a clear indication that the fearless leader of the Dorks from Durham knows how to rally his troops when their slumping.  Coach K did not implore his "Keywords to Success" to gain response, instead he just plugs in another one of his "ESPN Top 100." The decision to insert freshman Elliot Williams into the starting lineup provided the Blue Devils a much needed defensive spark that had been missing in Duke's past two games, both L's. Duke walked out of MSG with a 76-69 "bounce back" victory over St. John's.  Gerald Henderson led with 19 points.  We're just happy Paulus is sitting on the bench...a spot most he will most likely claim after graduation at Duke. 
  •  "We're not a very good team," a frank Sean Miller said after his Musketeers fell on the road (again) against the Charlotte 49ers, 65-60.  Well with an attitude like that, I think Musky fans are adding dollars to Coach K's dividend check as I type.  The 49ers got 16 points from Ian Anderson and his 5 three's.  Xavier now sits behind Dayton in the driver's seat of the A-10, a match up we will be looking forward to on March 5th.