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Will the real LSU please stand up?


In football it would be unheard of...only one SEC team in the Top 25!  Basketball, not so much.  LSU is the lone representative in this BCS Conference. LSU has run through the Southeastern Conference to the tune of 11 wins and only one blemish, so why are they all the way down at #18?  Who is the real LSU?

The Boys from the Bayou invited Billy Donovan's Florida Gators into the Pistol Pete's gym for some Fat Tuesday fun, no beads.  In a decent test the Tigers were able to prevail, 81-75.  Led by some excellent free throw shooting (18-21) and Marcus Thornton's 32, LSU may actually be something to talk about now.  This is the Tiger's twelfth straight in SEC play. 

Did SEC basketball fall of the map that much?  We know they are down, but they are no Big Ten...Zing!  We think LSU is a team that is vibing right now and might just have enough grit to make a slight roar in March.