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Calhoun calms down to claim the 800th


Let's be honest, the Brewers are letting their best players walk away and the Bucks hire coaches who make bad decisions.  The surprising Marquette Golden Eagles are giving Milwaukee kids something to cheer about besides the Beastski Lightski chilling in the dorm mini-fridge. 

So, when Jim Calhoun brings his troops into town you know the Golden Eagle student section got "rip roaring right" off of that $10 24-pack, often screaming "one more dime."- Referring to Calhoun's famous interview.   Too bad it was in order to raise cheers to Jim Calhoun for picking up his 800th career win, 93-82.  The final score wasn't indicative of the game story.  Marquette held their own throughout, maintaining a 74-73 lead with seven minutes to go. UCONN proved too tough and well coached, led by AJ Prices 36 points and 6 dimes.

To add to the Golden Eagles pain, they lose guard Dominic James and his 12 ppg and 5 assists/game to a broken foot