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Locked up in a tight one!


Wednesday night was a night of grit and grind.  Regardless of program strength, teams are beginning to have a sense of urgency, writing the final chapters to their season.  Just like at the Asian massage parlor, who doesn't like a happy ending?  Some teams are looking to lock up a top seed close to home, vying to burst into the bubble, others are merely trying to make their conference tourney and even teams like DePaul are getting after it.

  • Virginia Tech is still hanging onto that dream, getting a nice upset win over #13 Clemson.  Tech drilled it from deep going 11 of 19, needing all 11 of them in order to squeak out the three point victory on Clemson's court.
  • Notre Dame has been on life support lately and would surely be flat lined with a loss to Rutgers.  Luke Harangody served as the defibrillator with his 20 points and 15 boards, leading them to the 5 point win.  The Fighting Irish will have the opportunity make a strong case to the committee if they can either beat UCONN or Villanova in their next two games.
  • After losing in Durham one month 41... Maryland came into the Comcast Center like a bull in a china store.  The Terps kept the game to close for comfort until Duke pulled away in the final five minutes with a 15-4 run.  Gerald Henderson's draft stock continues to rise as he shows he can hit the J, dropping in 19 points.
  • The CAA...yes we are going to cover the CAA for a moment....The CAA featured a quartet of one point wins.  Shouldn't someone tell them..."SAVE IT FOR THE CONFERENCE TOURNEY!  You're only getting one!" 
  • DePaul, despite the 0-14 conference record, decided to find the silver lining on a more than drab season.  The Blue Demons were able to hang around with Jay Wright and his 'Nova Wildcats.  Scottie Reynolds emerged as the difference, scoring 8 points in the final two minutes, securing the two point win, 74-72.