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Gerald Henderson for ACC POY!?

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Gerald Henderson is currently in a middle of a damn good Denzel Washington impression.  With 21 points today in a win over bubble trouble Virginia Tech, the Blue Devils very own Kobe set the tone in the first half (where he got 19) with a bevy of created shots on his own.  Finally, a true playmaker with swagger Coach K can let run free.

Check out how Henderson has responded since ACC play this season, as his PPG has been on the up and up for the last five weeks.


  • Elsewhere in the ACC, Clemson has jumped into their annual late season unimpressive play.  Today's loss against FSU means they've been on the wrong end three of their last five games, and get swept by the Seminoles this season.  Their tournament seeding is still very up in the air however, as they do have a top 10 RPI to hang their hat on. The sluggish finish isn't going to sit well with the committee.  We're thinking five seed.
  • Oh, and UNC destroyed Georgia Tech in a game highlighted by a 21-5 and 14-2 run that made this one a yawner for Gus Johnson, who was on the call.