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ACC: Miami plays themselves out, Clemson might be played out

  • Miami - Virginia Tech:  It's pretty simple with the Hurricanes-- when Apples McClinton doesn't put up big numbers, there's no one else on his team that can pick up some of the slack.  This afternoon they played themselves out of an at large bid with a loss to Virginia Tech. McClinton and Adrian Thomas led their lame team with..ahem...nine points.  So with their season all but over, it should be noted that Miami lost four games this season despite McClinton scoring 25+ points.  A one man band down there. For the Hokies we still don't think they should be in, but would be willing to change our view if they can somehow knock off UNC tomorrow night.
  • Georgia Tech - Clemson:  There's no better example of a team backing into the NCAA tournament than the Tigers.  While they were techincally in Atlanta, they're minds were elsewhere, falling to a Yellow Jackets team just looking forward to Derrick Favors. Lewis Clinch gets a career high 32 points and his advance while playing in their backyard.  Clemson has lost  four of their last five, and this football-first school can look forward to a five seed.