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SEC: Trying to find that guiding light


The SEC held two afternoon games of little significance...for now.  Two teams with decent records are scrapping to put together some late season heroics in an attempt to raise the props given to their lackluster conference. 

  • Kentucky has been steam rolling themselves out of the tournament, losing four straight but in their tournament opener they might have righted the ship.  The Wildcats once again jumped on the back of Jodie Meeks and his 25 points to get the convincing 71-58 win over the Ole Miss' Runnin Rebels.  One more win for the Wildcats and they might need to dust of those dancing shoes.
  • The Georgia Bulldogs were unable to pull off a miracle run through the SEC tournament, as they did last year, because the Mississippi State Bulldogs stood in their way.  Miss St. got their 20th win of the year and will now face the South Carolina Gamecocks in a game that may be a "play your way in" game.