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Pac 10: The favorites make it look easy



  • Arizona - Arizona St.: In a battle of the Arizona's, the Sun Devils of Arizona State triumphed over the Arizona Wildcats.  James Harden tallied 27 in the 68-58 victory.  Arizona's chances are now looking bleek and would be a great team to beam a camera on for Selection Sunday.  Let's see how the committee values their early season wins over Gonzaga and Kansas.
  • Stanford - Washington: Huskies chalked up their sixth straight W in beating the Stanford Cardinals with one hand tied behind their back.  The 85-73 victory was just another notch on the ol' belt in their efforts to become a the sleeping giant of the west.  The Huskies will now meet the aforementioned Sun Devils in the semi's of the Pac 10 tourney, a game that will feel like a Sweet 16 battle.