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ACC: Vazquez has other things on his mind, BC downs Virginia


  • North Carolina State - Maryland:  You damn well better get a W if there's talk you're thinking of jumping to the league.  Yes, we're talking to you Greivis Vazquez.  Thankfully for the point guard, this semi-stunning revelation was followed up with a "stay-in" win for the Terps by  beating a down-and-out Wolfpack team.  Vazquez played nice, getting 17 and 10.  
  • Virginia - Boston College: In a fairly irrevelant contest, BC wins a game few bothered to watch.  Rakim Sanders, who led all with 25 tonight, looks talented enough to supplant Tyrese Rice next season as the Eagles go-to guy.  A 6'5" forward who plays above the rim but also has decent touch from mid-range -- watch out for him to close out the season in impressive fashion.  70 of the Eagles 76 points came from the starters, with second team all conference Tyrese Rice only getting nine.