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Big 12: March Bedlam, Missouri now has a clear path


  • Oklahoma St. - Oklahoma:  The Sooners are a #1 seed no more, and the Cowboys are going to the tournament.  A great finish in OK City as there was Bedlam in March.  We should of known, however, because remember it's very difficult to beat a team three times in a season.  Pre-concussion, OU really looked like a championship contender. Since that incident in Austin, Texas they're 2-4 and looking a bit dazed as a collective unit.  Conversely, Oklahoma St. has won eight of nine, and Byron Eaton looks poised to play the role of guard who carries his entire team to a few tournament wins.
  • Texas Tech - Missouri:  Mike Singletary didn't score 43, nor did he put up 29 consecutive points tonight.  The Tigers tamed the Red Raiders guard, get a win, and now have a clear path to the Big 12 crown.  With the game tied at halftime,  Mizzou opened it up right from the get go of the second session.