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SEC: Trying to not be an anonymity

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It seems to be evident that the SEC hasn't begun tournament play.  Every team in action on Thursday seems to be one of those "oh they need two wins" type (revert to earlier post today).  Tonight is opening night in the SEC = Tournament has not started yet.  See you tomorrow.

For the obnoxiously curious:

  • Alabama - Vanderbilt.  Alabama took the lead ten seconds into the game and never let it go.  At one point extending the lead to 16 before closing out the win, 82-75.  Alabama can attribute this win to their diligent work at the free throw line, shooting 25 of 28.  That is riviting.
  • Florida-Arkansas. Of the 8 teams in action today, Florida is the only one to be whispered about in conjunction with NCAA Tournament talk.  After their runaway second half, that lead to a 73-58 win, the Gators will now look to solidfy a bid with a win over Auburn.  Auburn is also seeking validity.  So, for the next 18 hours or so you will be able to hear about how this Auburn-Florida game is a "one's in, one's out" game.  Once again, why the SEC tournament begins Friday.