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We're Dancing: Memphis Tigers

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Well, if we thought C-USA was going to get two bids, Memphis squashed that idea.  Memphis made it very clear that their superior play is light years above the next best with the 64-39 beatdown of Tulsa.  The Memphis Tigers showed no flamboyant emotion after bringing in their 4th straight conference tournament championship.  Their sights are set on a much larger prize, a National Championship.

Let's take a close look at this conference bully after the jump.

Location: A city of good abode withing Tennessee

Enrollment: 15,000

Record: 31-3

Leading scorers: Tyreke Evans (16.6 ppg), Robert Dozier (12.6 ppg), Shawne Taggart (10.6)

What to know:

  • Since we hold no value in Memphis' conference, let's take a look at their non-conference games.  Memphis has wins over Gonzaga, Tennessee, Cincy, UMass and Chatanooga.  Their losses have been at the hands of Syracuse, Xavier and Georgetown (wasn't a bad loss at the time).
  • Memphis will run it up on you, but they really get it done on the defensive end.  Holding opponents to an NCAA low of 36.5 % from the floor while only giving up 57.4 points per game(5th in the nation).  This could also be attributed to the fact that their conference is atrocious
  • Memphis will go 4 deep on their bench, always maintaining fresh legs.  Will the fact that their leading scorer is a freshman be a disadvantage?  History says no.

Projection:  By default Memphis will most likely end up with a #1 seed even though they should be a 2 seed. We think they will face some serious tests as early as the second round.