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We're Dancing: Binghamton Bearcats


Binghamton wins the lowly American East conference with a win over the UMBC Reteivers, reserving their spot in the field of 65.  Led by JUCO transfer Reggie Fuller's 19 points and 10 rebounds, the Bearcats earned their first tournament birth in the programs 63 year history (D I since 2001)  The Bearcats have come a long way since only being removed from Division III basketball two decades ago.

The brief post season of the Bearcats is duscussed after the jump.

Location: This SUNY school resides in Vestal, NY.

Enrollment: 11,523

Record: 23-8 (13-3)

Leading Scorers: DJ Rivera (20.1 ppg), Three more go for 11 a clip.

What to know:

  • The Bearcats have won their last 11 and are carrying a full tank of gas going into mid March.  It's too bad they are driving a Vespa.
  • Binghamton needs to learn how to share.  They are 263rd in the nation when it comes to dishing out assists.  It is not an assumption to say that in order to keep it close with the big boys, they will need to play together as a team.

Projection: Despite a decent overall record, the Bearcats are coming from arguably the worst conference in Division I basketball.  A #1 seed will be salivating at this 16 seed on Selection Sunday.